Harrogate Beer Club: Chapter 1


the beer drank at harrogate beer club

Above, in the photo, you will see the cans & bottles we sipped at Harrogate Beer Club: Chapter 1. It was Kathryn’s choice as to what we do for our entertainment - and she has gone up in my estimation for it.

Women On Tap have started a Beer Club and we went along to the opening night.

Women On Tap are a group who aim to promote inclusiveness in Beer Society. I am all for it - without them I would be drinking on my own as it was at a WoT Event that Kathryn really got in to beer.

I owe it to Rachel and the rest of the gang for their work in proving to Kathryn that beer was not just for lads.’

my favourite beer of the night

We sipped a good range - I will not bore you by going through the list of beers we drank (my memory is not that way wired) but I will say I took a lot home from the event. Not physically - just in a warm, fuzzy way. I will say I went there with a certain amount of intrepidation… there were these great beer-minds and then there was me, who sips Pale Ale and doesn’t really deviate from that.

But, that is part of the reason why I went to Beer Club - to push myself to try new beers. Thankfully there was zero beer snobbery as I feared there might be. It was a warm, welcoming environment.

I could grade the beers - indeed, we did have a points system at the event. But I will just say that if you want to find out about beer that you would not necessarily otherwise try; get yourself down to Beer Club.

I was really pushed out of my comfort zone with the beer choices. But, I am grateful for this - there were beers there that I would not have tried had it not been for beer club. And yet there was not a bad beer.

I am normally sticking to what I know and then ploughing on with that. But, I think thanks to Beer Club, I may become a bit more experimental in my selection. Drinking halves of different types of beer as opposed to pints of safety? Well, I am toying with the idea…

It could have caused a bit of a revolution.

three beers I like

We managed to get home and cook up some Garlic Bread for supper. Kathryn was sat laughing at her bread and The Crystal Maze as I set about blogging - she is now in bed and I am up for a bit longer, pottering about.

Will Beer Club change me? To be fair, I am a creature of habit - I like what I like and I like drinking for pleasure. Will I experiment a bit more? I would like to think Beer Club has opened my mind to a greater amount of beer. I sincerley doubt I will start drinking sours for fun. But, I will definately be going to the next Beer Club and I will be going with an open mind. I had a lot of fun. Maybe if I limit my experimenting to the cultered palette of the other folk at Beer club recommending me beers?

The company was amazing and the venue (The Disappearing Chin) really helped out. There were five of us there, including the bar keep, Jack, who joined in. It was wholesome and, in all honesty, it was what drinking should be about. It brought people together and we chatted, drank beer and we had a good time. All sensibly done, all in moderation.

Yeah, it was really good fun. Roll on the next Beer Club.

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