Bank Holiday Sunday (May the 4th be with you) saw me and Kat go on a six mile hike. I recently came into the possession of History & Hikes Of The Ancient Royal Hunting Forest Of Knaresborough – a brilliant book if you live in the area. I has a series of graded hikes in the steps of a 1767 perambulation and combines local, ancient history and fun time walks. The above is one of their shorter walks.

I have embedded a widget of the walk on this site, although I strongly urge you visit the book’s site – here – as the profits all go to Charity.

We set off around 2pm and took our time – getting into Knaresborough around 6pm. On the way we saw quite a few people, it was a lovely May Bank Holiday and we were actually expecting it to be busier. On the route there were dog walkers, children pushing toy pushchairs with dolls in and a variety of flora and fauna. Some of the terrain is quite steep – check the above graph – but Kathryn turned it into a thighs and bum work out whilst I was thinking of a bag of pork scratchings at Blind Jacks in Knaresborough.

One of the highlights was petting a horse on Bilton Lane – a beautiful steed at that. It really was great to escape the traffic noise of Harrogate and walk through an area managed by the Woodland Trust.

Tip top way to spend an afternoon!

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