Down On The Farm


After a considerable sleep (18 hrs!) I was dancing around the kitchen to Kate Bush. Now then, I do not make a habit of either - the sleep or the Kate Bush - however, today was one of luxury. I went for a snooze at 1430 Saturday afternoon and slept until 0830 Sunday. I think this bought on the Kate Bush.

Whilst gyrating away, my Father called asking for our (Me + Kathryn’s) presence at Sunday Dinner. After packing an activity bag, we were driven out to Home Farm, Newby Hall. Mum was cooking roast Pork with all the veg - followed up by Apple Crumble and real (dairy) ice-cream. It was a slap up meal and the company was fantastic too - once they had got over my facial-hair salute to Salvador Dali.

After helping with the dishes, I whisked my better half and my parents dog away for (what was planned as) a short walk. We Walked from Dark-Walk Woods to DeGrey’s Wood seeing hares and had geese circling overhead to land in the nearby water way. I then dragged the dog, Paddy, and Kathryn down a gravel strewn path towards the river Ure - ensuring that the dog, Paddy, was on the lead at all times to abide by the country code.

There were lambs gambolling in the distant fields by the time we had reached the River Ure (one of Yorkshires BIG rivers*). Paddy, although he doesn’t chase sheep, has yet to have the snip - at the slightest whiff of female Dog he heads off like a seventeen year old given tickets to an all inclusive holiday in Kavos.

We got slightly lost, as in the fencing got washed away and replaced again since I was shepherding there, but we found our way through the obstacle course and started heading back home.

On the way home, we passed the Stable Block (part of Newby Hall - rented as High Spec Offices) which is where the rare breed sheep hang out. Apparently, one of the Soay Sheep has had Triplets - a very rare occassion. Normally they only produce one offspring per season, and that is about the size of a pint of milk!

Also, the St. Kilda and Hebridean have produced an awful lot of very cute lambs. It always reminds me of the time I helped my Dad in Norfolk. When we lived at West Bilney, the lambing sheds were on Magpie farm - it was my job to look after (bottle feed) the orphans. Some good friendships were forged with those sheep - I wonder what they are up to now?

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