Christmas 2019


I am listening back to Geeks at The Gates on Harrogate Community Radio as I write this. It has been a Christmas that has been ruled by radio. I run a radio station in Harrogate, imaginatively called < a href=“https://harrogatecommunityradio.online target=“_blank”>Harrogate Community Radio. I spent a good time of the Christmas break at my folks sat in front of my Laptop scheduling the shows for broadcast.

There was a good run of programmes and I managed to take dad to the pub - it was a good Christmas.

I received a lot of presents and I gave a lot of presents. I figure the good vibes of giving of a gift outlasts the joy of actually receiving a gift. I gave a good amount - Kathryn received a heap of presents and I got a warm coat, shirts, jumpers and a new brain.

My new brain is a set of artificial splice samples to use as coasters - it is a bit small for my head so I hope my brother knows a way of expanding minds?

My family spoiled us rotten with food and fun. It was our first Christmas in my parent’s new house in Hackforth, near Bedale. It was the warmest Christmas I have had. It really is a good house and they have done it up nicely - I wish them many happy years there.

Got home, unpacked - pj’s on; found this, it is nice to be recognised -

11PM: Winter Sunshine’, a new audio collage from artist Lepke B.

12AM: All new The Parish News.@TheParishNews

Tune in: https://t.co/3WpfLwPMJ8 pic.twitter.com/6m3SxXqShO

— Resonance EXTRA (@ResonanceEXTRA) 26 December 2019

And uploaded the below. It is a good show because Scoob, Allan and me are hitting our stride. I think so, anyway. It is a roots reggae show and we talk all over the records. It seems okay this edition - our voices had been a bit boomy’ so we used a high pass filter; it sounds mint on a big rig. Gwarn know it yourself!

Tonight, there is a Dirty Warehouse party happening in town that I have been invited to - but, I am just needing to stay in and find two minutes of peace. I hope my mates all have a great time but ultimately I am worn out and need an early night.

So, all that is left for me to do is to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy, prosperous New Year - I am playing music on NYE in H’gate seeing in the new decade in style - ah, yes; the Roaring Twenties - I hope it is a vintage decade for you.

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