A Big Birthday - One with an 0”


Ooooh, big. I have reached the age of 40 - it is a new thing for me and I am still finding my feet in this decade, but it is shaping up to be a good one, already. Admittedly, the first six and a half hours were torture but dancing to Dolly Parton helped.

I had a sleep emergency yesterday and woke up at around 0130 today; Kathryn was just nodding off at that time and I promised her to wait and open the presents I had received with her. Six torturous hours and a lot of dancing to Dolly Parton, on my headphones, and I was ready to pop and I had come to the conclusion that no-one knows heartache quite like Dolly does.

8am; Kathryn was awake and dress unseasonably early and I was surrounded by shredded wrapping paper - Book, beer and money - result!

The book was from Kathryn and is written about John Cooper Clarke. The Beer is Brass Castle and looks tasty. Much time was spent chatting to Kathryn and then she ran downstairs - I now realised why she had dressed so early.

Mum and Dad had ordered a cake for me and told Kathryn to expect the delivery when Betty’s had opened - poor Kathryn had been waiting on cake for nearly five hours! It is delicious, though.

Tomorrow, the 11th, will be a bumper day for post having ordered a new DAC, Sonos and I am still waiting on my IEMs.

One good thing to find out on my birthday is that Trump will be banned from Twitter for good - this step will make the world a safer place and I for one an glad of the ban… he is banned even if he runs for office ????

As I write this I am listening to Sound Of Wonder. It is a good show - I spent today recording The Jazz Show, for Sunday - I hope to link to that in a later post. But, for now - I am happy with myself for reaching this age.

Twenty years ago I was told I did not have long to live - I have over come those odds and made a safe, full recovery. I am grateful to the NHS that they gave me the opportunity to wake up trouser-less in a skip every year on the eleventh of February.

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