Weird Wins: Series One


I have started a new podcast series called Weird Wins. I get to speak to inspirational people about their driving passion. The things that makes them tick.

I spoke to Allan about his love of Music Mentorship - how he has helped loads of people get a foot hold in the music industry. How he is running Creao Studio and how he has played across countless stages. You can listen to that here:

I also spoke with a good lad called Elliot. I know Elliot form a course I tried to do… ooooh decades ago; well, Elliot went on to study at degree level and he was talking about his passion for Disco and Soul. How shaping the vibe of what a crowd hears, and their sound track, can make or break people’s lives, essentially. Do you want to listen to that?

This dove-tailed nicely with what Andy Dennis had to say about his passion for The Beatles. Everyone I know has heard about Andy Dennis’ work with Doctors Without Borders (MSF). It may have seen a bit frivolous, a bit wasteful to speak with Andy about his passion for a band when he has so much to give about his time in Africa. But, in essence, I wanted to give the man a break; Do you remember that really harrowing experience you went through? Well, let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about pop music.”

The final episode of the series is a chat with Matt WP. Matt explained his journey in photography. It is a gem. Matt speaks at length about how photography and has shaped the way he sees the world and how it helps him with things in his work life and his day-to-day life, too. I admit I was ill prepared for the chat, but, Matt made a charming guest.

For more about the Pod. See www.backhouse.link/ww and you will go to the page on my work website talking you through the project. I have put a bit of thought in to this and I am pleased with Series 1 of Weird Wins.

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