St George’s Day 22


Saint George - patron saint of football hooligans. We celebrated by going to see a Transvestite the night before.

Grayson Perry had to rearrange his talk from November and last night was the last opportunity to catch his talk in the UK. Thumbs up on that.

I went to the show expecting a talk on Potato Printing or painting techniques. Instead the show was a motivational talk to go out the and be that weirdo that people speak about. Or, maybe that is what I got from it.

The show was called Grayson Perry: A Show For Normal People.” It was a few hours of a man in a dress telling us that we were a bit normal. I kick back against this - yet the statistics show that this POV will be further reinforced.

The seemed alternative has become the mainstream - and, I am part of it. I was one of the herd animals. Boutique Festival attending, converse adorned, chromophobic (to a degree) and one of the herd. Someone just getting by.

Grayson looked fabulous and fulfilled his lifetimes ambition of being a rock star by singing to a packed amphitheatre in the HIC. The talk was about symbolism with certain demographics. Perry kept on shouting … my kind of people” but that is what made up the audience - liberal post-punk boomers.

I came away satisfied and with his autograph.

We stopped off in Cold Bath Brewing and had a second rate pint (but, it was cold and refreshing). Saturday could not come sooner.

My Electra Cruiser

I picked my bike up off the mechanic who fixed it. I went to Autodiscount to get the bike serviced due to it being in storage for a while - the only thing they needed to do was steady the saddle. They did not even charge me! This means I will be using them same time next year.

The rest of Saturday will be spent sorting playlists for DJ’ing.

I am showing Scoob how to use my RX2 equipment tomorrow at 2pm. See, we have a gig on the thirtieth. Scoob is on 8-9pm and I follow for an hour before people who know what they are doing come on. It is a paid gig and will be welcome.

Scooby know the basics of how to use a mixer (I think) so it should just be a case of showing him how to cue up the tracks.

One thing I had better prepare for tomorrow is the new radio show Mind You!” I am now Reece Dinsdale’s and Ol Fozard’s boss. Ol is head brewer at Roosters and Reece is one of the most celebrated British actors of the past 40 years.

Job’s a good one.

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