Guerrilla Dub System — the band I am in — have a new EP out today. We have called it Space Bass, and it was a right laugh to make. Slightly a bit more pop orientated than what is expected of us, this is a collection of danceable tracks that may do well.

The release was made over the summer of 2017 and has finally seen the light of day — except on Beatport. According to State51 (the aggregators that we use), the release was delivered to Beatport back in September. However, it will probably be Monday until it is live on Beatport.

The cover artwork was created by a good friend of our, Matt Watson-Power (owner of an amazing blog — DragonDrop) — Here it is:

Space Bass Cover

Space Bass is in the established shops (iTunes & Google Play), but I find myself getting more and more frustrated with Beatport the more I have to work with them. Still, we would be nothing without them. The label’s shop is all stocked and primed — ready for deployment. If you want the cheapest way to buy the EP head over to Creao’s store to listen to the EP before you buy it — just click HERE.

The EP has made its way on to Spotify too …

Although we are kind of banking on Space Bass being on Beatport before we start telling people. However, I am itching to get it heard — plus all of the PR is pointing towards Beatport — and they let us down time after time. But their charts are a good measure of how well we are doing against our peers. We have to work with them, but it is a hard thing to do …

In other news, there is a new release out on my record label, Focused Silence. I had been working with Ed on a previous project, Artapes Productions, before that crumbled due to health. Ed calls himself DOWNTREND SHAPES RENEWAL and the album is sublime. The album is titled Truth Beauty And Decay” — it is a lot more accessible than the other stuff on my label; almost Art-Pop.

Thankfully, I do not have to work with Beatport on this one. Ed is a gentleman. He comes across as articulate and kind in his emails — he seems well spoken and someone I would like to buy a pint at some point (but, he lives in the Worcester area …).

Tomorrow, I am being taken to a one-day Metal festival at Leeds Uni. Damnation seems promising; although it is around five years since we went to our last one. Damnation Festival is held every year and gets some pretty big names onboard; I am going there on an anthropological whim but prepared to get shredded.

If I can do it justice, I will try and write a bit about it up here later.

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