March (Of The) Newsletter


Hello - hope you are well?

I have a brief moment of spare time so I thought I would share a few things with you…

Jazz On The Radio

My monthly foray in to tamed, structured music continues - yes, it is time for The Jazz Show, Sunday at 4pm. 

You can tune in by heading HERE and pressing the play button. The show is broadcast on Harrogate Community Radio and is becoming a lot of fun - I almost sound like I know what I am on about in this show, despite my inflated imposter syndrome.


The Parish News is going from strength to strength, the show I present on Resonance EXTRA - thanks to everyone who has tuned in to the show and continues to tune in to the show.

You can listen to the most recent podcast wherever you get your podcasts and you can read the playlists at https://theparishnews.com/playlist/ - I admit that pronouncing avant-garde Wall Noise artists from Kyoto is not very easy and I do struggle with complicated pronunciation; the artists are always written up on my site, along with the full playlist including albums.

To find the podcast for your platform head HERE.


I have been experimenting with the playback of cassette tapes at the wrong speed - it is a strange way to keep me out of mischief; but a fun way to keep me out of mischief. I wrote an article about it that turned in to the biggest load of hot air in order to say You may like this, give it a listen.” The blog post can be found HERE and the audio, if you want to bypass the long-winded blog, can be found HERE on SoundCloud.


I have been invited back to a festival called Remedy - it is one of the last streaming only, interactive festivals to happen this side of Lock Down 3.0. I am in the chill-out tent playing Dub reggae - it is all online and details of the show can be found HERE. Get a ticket whilst you can! All of the money goes towards the services that the NHS provide. A well-intentioned gig.

Summin’ Up

Been busy breakin’ hearts and makin’ art.

Up next A 10% Double IPA The Jazz Show In Harrogate
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