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I have recorded The Parish News a bit later than expected this week - I have been trying to do more at just my own pace. It is just about fitting the small things in with the big things and not making them all jumble around that matters. Still, it is a good show and I have it embedded below.

I am the first to admit I will not win any prizes for my delivery - but, I am a contender when it comes to passion and the music that I play on the show is amazing, if you don’t mind me blowing my own trumpet. Toot!

Stinky’s Riso Press is another project of mine - I have been submitted the first manuscript for the press. I am in the process of going through it and hope to get back to the author(s) soon - tip top secret on that for now, more to save my blushes due to my clumsy editorial stance than a judgement on their (excellent) submission. If you want to read more about Stinky’s head HERE. It is a good venture but getting all of the technology to work is a nightmare… we have just (my wife and I) invested in a paper creaser that makes creases in every shape but straight. Ho hum - once we get the tech working we will be abl to get printing the experimental chapbooks we are hoping to put out.

Speaking of poetry… I have been reading a lot more of late - not quite as much poetry as I used to (I used to inhale manuscripts, chapbooks and tomes). But it has also led me to writing poetry and verse again.

No, not the angst ridden poesy of my twenties. But, Nonsense Verse. Verse that is, by it’s nature, gibberish. It is a lot of fun. I am now toying with the idea of recording it and seeing what it sounds like read out-loud. I doubt my nonsense will see print, purposefully, but it is fun to read outloud and I have all of the equipment… as it is attributed in Alice: Through The Looking Glass Take care of the sense and the sounds will take care of themselves.” But, more on that later…

Stinky’s Riso Press

As I type this, it is very blustery outside. It is the build up to Storm Ciara. I had hoped to walk to the Roster’s Tap Room tomorrow, with friends, to see in my Birthday. It will be chucking it down and people are not advised to travel by Train, unless it is absolutely necessary. So, it seems will be calling in to The Disappearing Chin on Beullah Street.

We hope to be joined by Scoob & K-Lo. They will be bringing Ernie the Greyhound with them. He is a great dog - really gentle, although I think if I was a rabbit I would not stand a chance.

Ernie: he won quite a few races but has been put out to pasture. K-Lo and Scoob adopted him via a fosterer. He took a bit of time de-compressing and adjusting, but the last time I saw him he seemed right as rain. And, Scoob seemed happy too - probably happy he now has a dog who is slowly getting settled in.

Plenty of things in the pipeline for my next Solar Orbit, then. I have a few gigs in the coming weeks and I am trying to be that bit more creative in 2020. I got a bit bored of the 2020: New Year, New Me” posts on Facebook - I say: 2020: New Year, Better Me.

Up next Qually Reesh I Played A Gig At Tom’s
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