An Eclectic Radio Show


I had the pleasure of recording a radio show today - it was by DJ Scooby and the show is Sound Of Wonder.

I have had the pleasure of seeing someone I know blossom in to the role of radio show host - it was quite a privilege to witness and we show no signs of slowing down. Here is the show:

I had a hand with the artwork and I will paste it below - it is a design I am happy with. It has remained constant throughout, despite my restless feet.

Other than that - I found out that The Parish News is listed No1 in a poll on a site for the 20 Best Experimental Podcasts to tune in to in 2021. Not bad.

Michael started a job. Assoc. Prof. now. It only seems yesterday he was being dumped out the front of the house in East Yorkshire from a wheel barrow for drinking too much. I am proud of him; he has overcome a lot and handled his rise with grace - he is a good lad.

Spoke to him on the phone today - highlight of my day, really; oh, that and the insane amount of beer I saw Kathryn try and hide. I don’t drink at home so it is up to her to source her own fun there. Anyway, here is the artwork…

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