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I have a day job. I am a freelance designer and I trade at I work with graphics and on websites – it is a good trade and keeps me busy. I seem to be working all of the hours I am allowed to work at the minute.

This Blog is kind of what taught me my trade – I have studied Graphic Design as an undergraduate and I can convert it to websites.

I also write up a bit about my music (career). That just keeps me in beer money. It is yet to cover costs and will probably never cover costs.

Still, web design – right laugh – I admit I am not too hot on approaching clients. I prefer to work on a site and see where it leads me. A user-centred approach is my strong point when it comes to design.

I am a fan of complex minimalism – hyper expressionist when it comes to copywriting. I have a maxim on this Blog to “Write Drunk, Edit Sober.”

26th June 2018 / Work
22nd January 2018 / Music

My radio show, The Parish News, was recorded for this week, last night, in Creao Studios, Harrogate. I am up to show number seventy-three – The show is still proving…

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14th March 2017 / News

But, what is AMP? Accelerated Mobile Pages is where your website / blog is a mobile redirect that is not quite a mobile redirect. The AMP Project is an open-source…

19th December 2016 / Work
17th December 2016 / Work

Ijo Pona is dead! But, what was Ijo Pona? Ijo Pona was the name of my old, personal blog – on it I gleefully ranted about nylon socks and Bigfoot…