Ranting About The Environment :: I have an academic background in Zoology and Botany. I would have liked to have worked with Orangutans in East Asia when I would have graduated.

However, on a year out, I had a reaction to some anti-malaria medication and have not been able to pursue this ambition yet. Still, there is always time for a recovery.


Allan’s Speech

My good friend Allan has been passionately campaigning against the proposed relief road through an area of outstanding natural beauty. Thanks to Allan’s work and the work of others, the councillors were swayed into throwing out the planned relief road through...

Letter #4

Dear Andrew Jones MP, As you may be aware from our previous correspondence, I have a passion for Human Rights and environmental campaigns – it is about the rights of the Munduruku people and the plight of the Amazon that I am writing to you now. As you will be...
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