Category: Photography

In this category archive, I want to try and convey my passion for the still image. I love all aspects of photography, although, I would say I am at ease shooting street scenes or still life.

For street photography, I have a RICOH GRII. The start-up time is phenomenally quick and it is a really good camera.

Likewise, my big DSLR is a beast too – I have an old Nikon D70 – It has a CCD Sensor. This means it is a lot more like a film camera that the modern C-MOS Sensor.

All in all, I do not use the equipment I have quite enough – I use this blog to spur me on to go out and photograph things. Some of my images end up on my artist portfolio ( but that is heading more towards Field Recording.

6th February 2018 / Music

Well, technically it’s Tuesday and I had better write up a blog post about the weekend. What happened? Stuff, sleep & shizzle! Essentially not much much but then Monday opened…

22nd January 2018 / Photography

I took the below image from my fire-escape. The light was just starting to turn and it was taken at Dawn – the colours really surprised me; I would wax lyrical…

10th January 2018 / Holiday
8th January 2018 / Photography

I have a number of Blogs and a number of interests. Some of them (most) have more meaning than this one here. On one of my sites, I write up what…