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Bit of a default category this – I do not try and write up about deeply personal family news. I prefer to keep that secret – I just write up things that are public information on this category.

I do not write about everything – maybe I should? Maybe, warts and all, if I shared my life publicly then there would be more footfall on the blog?

I do not want to take the risk – there does seem to be an all-or-nothing approach to blogging that disinterests me. I figure people should not write what they do not want to come back to bite them

15th July 2018 / News

  Me and Kathryn visited the Luminarium that was displayed as part of Harrogate International Festival. A Luminarium is a sculpture that you walk through to be moved to a…

12th July 2018 / News

Mrs Backhouse turned another year over today – she grows in beauty everyday and is a joy to be with. Gorgeous all-round life-companion, wife, friend & dog-walker she is everything…

16th June 2018 / Human Rights Issues
7th June 2018 / News

I have signed up to the crowdfunding site My URL is – but what are the why’s and the who’s? Why would I sign up for a crowdfunding…

25th May 2018 / News

So, what is GDPR? It is the new set of laws that come into effect today, the 25th May 2018. Every website in the world needs to comply with the…

2nd March 2018 / Music

… I have a Sound Devices MixPre 6 on its way – it should be here by the end of Friday (it is currently Friday around 0330) and I am…

23rd February 2018 / News
18th February 2018 / Music