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I am a recording musician and I live in Harrogate. I am a member of Guerrilla Dub System. We had two number one hits in the charts in 2017.

I also run my own record label, Focused Silence. Focused Silence is a right wheeze and it has got me a lot of contacts. I also present my own radio show, The Parish News.

Musically, I started with the Tidswell Noise Collective – a retro-futuristic, Avante-Garde, improv outfit. We played a good few shows and it went sort of well. Things moved down a gear for a bit when the band split and I have been putting my energy into my own music production.

I am a fan of the software Logic and Ableton Live (former for stepper // latter for dubbing). I make roots inspired dub music and I am also a field recordist. I own a guitar but I admit I will never get anywhere with that.

10th January 2013 / Music

But what was the uniform I hear you cry – stone-wash denim, white t-shirt and terry towelling day-glow socks covered with Clarks Big Grippa trainers. I was a credit to the Daisy…

3rd January 2013 / Music
16th November 2012 / Music

 The earth is alive with its own radio broadcasts. Lightning, the solar wind and solar storms create a variety of radio signals that surround us and lie just beyond our…