W/E & A Session

What happened over the weekend? Nowt much – Friday I had my residency at RETRO Bar, DJing to nobody. It was dead. So we closed early and I joined Allan in town and had a few beers.

Saturday was an early night so that I would make the farm on Sunday – Alison was visiting the ‘rental’s and it was good to see everyone again. We ate a meal of ‘certainly-cooked’ lamb and all the trimmings.

It really was fun to see Alison again – she seems to be thriving in her new job.

Sunday was spent as a practice session for Monday. This is because on Monday we had a BBC Session in York. A ‘Session’ on the local Introducing show is not something to be sniffed at – it is regarded as having made it locally.

I was all trembles and butterflies by the time we arrived in York – we found the local BBC down a side street and went for a power pint. The Power Pints went down very quickly and very well. They made me over confident and cocky. I was drinking on an empty stomach.

L-R: Sign, Me, Allan

The resulting session was a complete blur and over in a heart beat – the nerves had really got me and all I remember of the BBC Session is the dead air, mistakes in the interview and the mumbled garbage me and Allan spewed.

However, I am pleased to say that we nailed the music side of it – Jericho Keys (the BBC Introducing York & North Yorkshire host) punched the air after our cover of ‘Single Ladies’ (originally by Beyoncé). He claimed that it was one of his top ten covers of the year! Amazing.

However, how much of the session sees the light of broadcast or ends up on the cutting room floor remains to be seen – we are going to be broadcast on the third of June at quarter past eight in the evening. This is something that si a bit of a sticking point for me: I am unsure what was said during the interview due to nerves: we walked out of the studio with our heads held high and at a brisk pace. Whether we will be asked back to BBC York remains to be seen … but we enjoyed the day and hopefully provided a bit of entertainment.

Me, Dubbing


Then on Monday night we both met up in Tom’s for a few drinks – I got a bit merry and lost my electronic cigarette. Had to buy a newer version today: there was a law passed a while ago that limits the size of the oil tank on eCigs. I have gone from having a 5ml tank to having a 2ml tank – the result is that I have to top up more often, but it could make me less dependent on it.

Tuesday was spent sleeping and practicing for Fridays gig. This Friday sees me and Allan playing Henshaw’s Arts & Craft Centre as part of their Friday Night Mix. It is an honour to have been invited along to the thing – we are partially playing our own tracks live and combining it with a DJ set. It should be good …

We Are Currently Number #1

Guerrilla Dub System’s latest release (Pound Of Dub) is currently number one in the Beatport reggae chart. Not bad work if I say so myself. Quite proud of this achievement.

Allan and myself (Guerrilla Dub System) were a bit worried as the release had only been out there for twenty four hours – there was a horrendous delay in getting the release up on the site. It seems there was a mix up on account of the aggregator. Still that has been remedied and the release was up on Beatport yesterday afternoon.

I logged on to Beatport to see if we had made the charts at all and was very shocked to see that we were number one in the Reggae/Dub Chart on that site. Here is a graphic to prove it –

If you are interested in hearing a bit of the release before you buy it, Beatport have the functionality of playing some of the track before you buy it – it is a good, honest set up – and the fidelity is awesome. You can do all of that at this link – https://www.beatport.com/release/pound-of-dub/2025945

…. Goal achieved, really.

Second EP Released

It is with a great sigh of relief that I can say the POUND OF DUB, Guerrilla Dub System’s second EP has hit the virtual shelves.

Currently it is available on iTunes and Google Play (unsure about Amazon) but, as with Dub Force (our first ep) there has been a bit of a problem with Beatport.

When Beatport gets sorted I will post a link in the comments section of this post and then you will be able to click on it.

What can I say about the EP? Well, it carries on where out last release elft off – we have had our music described as quite authentic – something I hold dear to me. It is nice to hear that. My favourite track on the EP is the title track, Pound Of Dub.

We used Silk PR to promote the thing as we did with the last one – we have high hopes for this release so that we are not one-hit wonders.

CREAO Studio 4/20

No, not the 4/20 that has so much meaning to my friends – I am merely referring to the date. On the 20th April I set off to CREAO Studio to do the mastering of our second EP – it is a right corker! Due out on the 12th May, it carries on from where we left off with the first EP. Expect plenty of bass and a nod to the founding fathers of dub reggae. Here is the artwork to the EP that I did a while ago –

Pound Of Dub – Guerrilla Dub System’s second EP.


Whilst up at the studio I helped record Stewart’s radio show for him: it was a right laugh as Stew’s tongue frequently trips over the more exotic band’s names – he is bloody useless at pronouncing Icelandic singers – but, then so am I; Stewart does not make it easy for himself my playing a Mongolian Nose Flute ensemble quickly followed by a hip-hop act from Soweto. But he gives it his all and it is a pleasure to help out.

Whilst up at the studio I fired off a few shots of my Harinzumi camera – the results are ace! Stewart now wants one of these for Xmas and Daren H. was enamored with the thing too – it really is a winner.


CREAO Studio 4/20

New Job

To compliment the web/graphic design that I do to help keep a roof over mine and Kathryn’s heads – I have my first set of regular hours for quite some time.

Saturday night saw me DJ in RETRO Bar, Harrogate and I have been offered a residency.



Above is a practice mix of my set on Saturday – I did not get to play it in it’s entirety having had my set time cut due to blown speakers. But, still – I am now a resident DJ at Retro Bar. Hopefully the following poster that I designed explains it better:


A Comfortable No.2 – With Image


Not quite what you imagine – Me and Allan are holding steady at Number two in the Beatport Reggae Releases chart. Up one place from last week’s three.

This must mean that people other than our friends have bought the release!

It is quite astounding to think that we are getting played all over the world (well – North Yorkshire, specifically Allan’s studio) but it is a good feeling. One I could get used to.

In other news, our label is slowly growing with people submitting tracks to the CREAO Accounts and hoping we will throw them a bone – I feel empowered by this but hope it does not go to my head.

I Am Number 3 In The Charts

I’ve charted! Well, it is Allan & I who are number three in the Dub charts.

What charts? Only the Beatport Dub Chart for releases. When Dub Fore was released last week I did not, in my wildest dreams, envisage that it would get in the top ten – let alone number three in the chart. I kind of hoped it would get in the top 100 – but number three, WOW!!!!!

The proof will be pasted below as an image – I took a screen shot of the Dub section of Beatport and scored out the other sections. If this is current – as in you are reading this the week it has been published – then click here to go to the Beatport Dub page and scroll down to see the top ten releases.

I doubt we will make the top ten tracks – but it is shaping up to be a good April ….

Beatport Dub Top 10 31st March 2017

It Lives To See The Light Of Day – ‘Dub Force’ Is Out!

It’s here!

After about a year’s worth of effort, me and Allan have finally got it out to the public – Dub Force has seen the light of day!

We took our influences from Lee Perry, Mad Professor, King Tubby & Mikey Dread to create a real roots album – we think it is a release of pedigree. Currently it is available in the bigger of the download stores (all of them except Beatport at the minute) but we are working on blanket coverage.

‘Over the moon’ is n understatement!

Gearing Up For Friday

This Friday (the 24th March 2017) sees mine and Allan’s debut dub release in the majority of download stores. We are hoping to direct people to the Beatport store but in the meantime here is the Bandcamp link.

Guerrilla Dub System – Dub Force

That’ll Do, Pig … That’ll Do …

I’ve been experimenting with normal music recently. Dub.

I had the pleasure of playing RETRO Bar a few years ago with my specially selected riddims and it proved a hit – if you have been visiting this blog for a bit you will know I took a break from DJ’ing to focus on production.

However, I am back in the frame of mind for DJ’ing and I have found a new system where by you can sell your mixes to the public. Late as ever to the party, I discovered what could be seen as the best kept secret in Dub; Beatport Mixes.

The idea is that you knock together a mix, upload the MP3 and hope people will listen to it. And, they have – I am currently Number 3 in the Reggae Charts for Beatport Mixes. Not bad! Here is the mix –



I have uploaded two mixes to the site and at first I thought it was the most recent mix that had charted – See, I came home from the pub very, very drunk; did a quick scan of my social media (as you do – Congratulations Matt & Jess) and saw on Beatport that I had a top 10 hit. I figured “WTF!” and then went blindly rambling on about it to all who would listen – including what could have been an embarrassing FB episode.

However, I have reached Number three in the Beatport Reggae Charts for the mix above, the Roots Rub-A-Dub Mix.

I then looked even closer at the stats and apparently all you need for a Top Three hit is 18 views and one download. So, Kingston does not quite beckon yet. However, One of my other mixes (on Mixcloud) got to 70 in the Mixcloud charts for Dub – Not bad at all.

So, I am getting ready for bed tonight with a headache (beer) and a slight sense of sheepishness. HashtagWhatATwat.