Lord Dubs & The Calais Jungle”


Given the title of this Blog post, you may start thinking this Blog post is a music review - far from it: I am fortunate enough to be on the mailing list for Liberty’s Newsletter - not the shop, but the Human Rights watch. The below is lifted from their site. You may be wondering why I would be cutting and pasting a newsletter from a Human Rights Watch on my Blog, Ijo Pona - well, it is self explanatory really. It has to be on a person by person basis - I have made the leap to activist; I recommend you do too. To quote Mahatma Gandhi, You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

In May 2016 the Government made a commitment to work with local councils to bring unaccompanied refugee children in Europe to safety in the UK, under an agreement called the Dubs Scheme”.

Three months on and they have completely failed to deliver on this promise.

Liberty and Help Refugees are campaigning to hold the Government to account and make this pledge a reality, and we need your support.

Take Action : Ask your Councillor to sign our Statement of Support

Demonstrating local support for the Dubs scheme sends a strong message to central Government that the time to act is now — and that councils are keen to play their part. Write to your local Councillors using this link. Ask them to sign up to Liberty’s statement pressuring central Government into honouring their commitment. Statement of Support: We welcome the Government’s commitment to create a resettlement scheme to bring unaccompanied refugee children in Europe to safety in the UK. We recognise and support the vital role that local councils can and should play in caring for children seeking sanctuary. We urge central government to provide funding to build the essential regional infrastructure necessary to secure the placement and support of children across the country and help us build them a brighter, safer future.” If you are a Councillor and would like to support the statement, please email [email protected]

Write to your local councillor

Supporting Councillors

A full list of councillors who have pledged their support to the statement can be viewed here.

Take Action: Write to your local newspaper

Writing to your local newspaper is a great way of bringing the desperate plight of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children to the attention of your community, council and local MP. It will be instrumental in persuading local Councillors to sign up to Liberty and Help Refugees’ Protect Refugee Children campaign. To help you get your message across, here are some tips for writing to your local paper.


Child refugees endure violence and separation from family members; lose access to education, healthcare, the support of their communities and often face bleak and uncertain futures.

As a recent harrowing report from UNICEF revealed, trauma does not end at Europe’s shores.  Children seeking sanctuary across the continent face routine exploitation and abuse. Many have already disappeared into the hands of traffickers.

The UK has a long tradition of providing refuge to those escaping persecution and indiscriminate violence.

In May 2016, the Government committed to create a scheme proposed by Lord Dubs - himself a child of the Kindertransport - to bring refugee children stranded in Europe to safety in the UK.

The time for action is now.  Local and central government must work together to ensure the Dubs scheme fulfils its potential as a lifeline for some of Europe’s most vulnerable children.

Currently huge question marks remain around funding for the regional infrastructure that will ensure consistent and high quality services across the country.

The whole process of resettlement - from assessment overseas, through placement with individual councils, to accessing essential services — must be rooted in the best interests of the child and adequately resourced.

Together we can hold the Government to account. Offering sanctuary to those fleeing war and terror is one of the most pressing human rights issues in the UK today.

By demonstrating local support for the Dubs scheme we send a strong message that urgent action is needed, and that local councils are keen to play their part.”

Sorry to have rammed it down your throat, but this is a pressing issue - I cannot for the life of me think of the damage inflicted on these young uns. Having seen their homes destroyed through Civil War they now spend their days in the Jungle - I must be hell for people. They have no other option but to try and make a bid to reach our country.

I have contacted Councillor Jean Butterfield in the hope that she helps with this. What really surprised me, when I looked at the list of Councillors was that there was someone with my name as a Councillor for Newby!

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