Dear Andrew Jones MP,

Thank you for your continued correspondence - it is nice to see democracy in action. Belonging to the Mother Of All Parliaments seems a daunting task. A task that does not always go the way of sense.

Brexit was such a case - however, it was democratically chosen by the British public so I bear witness. However, in the run-up to Brexit, the move to dehumanise and undermine the positive contributions made by migrants, refugees and minorities in every community has been gathering pace for some time.

Violence. Vandalism. Hate speech. Racist slogans on t-shirts. In the last few days reported hate crimes in Britain have increased. Fuelled by years of hostile rhetoric coupled with divisive campaigns, we are now seeing racism and xenophobia on the rise on our streets and in our communities on a local and National level.

Local leaders, such as yourself, must condemn these actions immediately and do everything in your power to make people safe and welcome.

I am asking you to stand against racism, xenophobia and hate crimes. In Britain.

In 2016. The EU Referendum, the London Mayoral campaign, and the language and imagery used around the refugee crisis have been marked by scare stories and myths. Now we’re seeing verbal and physical abuse hurled in public places, community buildings defaced with racial slurs, and abhorrent slogans on t-shirts. Fair enough - these are not inclusive of Harrogate, but on a National level.

I am calling on you, Andrew Jones MP, to stand against racism in all its forms. People from all walks of life have found themselves bearing the brunt of a society where racism and xenophobia has become more prevalent. Many of my friends and other loved ones are unsure of their future, their family’s future and the security of their jobs and homes. They all need to be urgently reassured that they’re safe, protected and welcome here, in Britain. Please act now to reassure people that they are safe and welcome - this is urgent. In just a couple weeks, local councils across the UK will go on recess for the summer. We need our local communities to start the fight back against racism, xenophobia and hate crimes now.

Yours sincerley, Andrew B_________

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