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Hi, my name is Andy & I am a Harrogate Blogger. I have a finger in a great many pies; I am a Harrogate Blogger but my day job is as a freelancer – I design websites. I have been conducting the Backhouse/Morgan marriage experiment since 2011. My wife, Kathryn, is a Dog Walker and Pet Sitter with her own business, Wag Walk Woof. We both live locally to our families.

“That Backhouse has his head in the clouds!”

– Mr. Thurlow, my GCSE Woodwork Teacher

The domain name – www.ijopona.org – is in the language of Toki Pona. My Blog started off with www.awbackhouse.com way back when and then to-ing and froing between domains. Please tae a deep breathe: “The language of Toki Pona is a constructed language first published online in mid-2001.” Designed by translator and linguist Sonja Lang (formerly Sonja Elen Kisa) of Toronto. Toki Pona is a minimal language. Like a pidgin, it focuses on simple concepts and elements that are relatively universal among cultures. Lang designed Toki Pona to express maximal meaning with minimal complexity. The language has 14 phonemes and 120 root words. Toki Pona was inspired by Taoist philosophy, among other things – and not created to be an international auxiliary language. Toki Pona is designed to shape the thought processes of its users, in the style of the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis in a Zen-like fashion.”

In Toki Pona, ‘Ijo’ translates as “Thing/Being”, ‘Pona’ translates as “Good/Simple”. So my domain is “www [dot] something good [dot] org”.

    A Harrogate Blogger::

    Backend: this is a WordPress build with a customised theme. I built the website, and it looks ace. I have gone overboard with the aesthetics of the site – it used to be a big floury jam tart of a thing – but, I figure I do not get the chance to go full-retard with all the other sites I manage. I thought that this site is for a purpose: blogging. The design of the site is to facilitate easy reading on mobile and laptop, with a mobile re-direct to AMP set up in case you are browsing on a hand-held device. However, tech willing, it is not always so – sometimes only the posts are AMP Certified, but with each new AMP update we are coming closer to a gay-communist super-future.

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    I have been screened for Dyslexia, while at uni. I came back with results showing that, yes, I qualify for extra help. However, I what happens to me is that I get carried away with an idea and type/write in appalling grammar, punctuation and spelling. It is not Dyslexia; it is a thought disorder. However, I would like to enable as many people as possible to read my site, and Dyslexia can affect 30% of the population in parts of the world. With this in mind, the main body font is clear to read and crisp – indeed, there is the option to default to “Reader View” on iPhones when you are looking at www.ijopona.org on your Apple Device. In the absence of a qualified Copywriter, I recommend Grammarly. If you want a copywriter, I recommend Jem at Weasel Words.

    Well, what do I do? Apart from my day job, I love being a Harrogate Blogger. There is my whole Blog lying just a click away explaining my meanderings through Bat-Country. It would be nice to hear from readers from around the world, so feel free to leave a comment on the posts.