About Me

Funny Little Man Harrogate

Hi, my name is Andy B* & I am the Funny Little Man behind this Harrogate Blog, Ijo Pona. I am a web designer, artist, podcaster and musician. I also find time to be a husband and blogger. I have been part of the B* Marriage Experiment since 2011 - things are good on that front. We live in a small flat in Harrogate near the town centre, just off East Parade.

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About The Blog

Actually, Ijo Pona started off as a WordPress build - it became very clunky with thousands of posts so I sought a pared-down alternative. This blog now runs on Blot.

Blot is an app that sits in Dropbox, converting Mark Down into this very website.

The layout is very light on the current build and things are A Good Thing.” The old blog was very cool but a bit above me to get to grips with. It just became very unyieldly. This version of the site focuses on the text and the writing.

About The Name Of The Blog

What does Ijo Pona’ Mean?”

The words Ijo Pona” is a phrase from the constructed language of Toki Pona.

Ijo” is the noun, it means Thing.” Pona” describes this as Good/Simple.”

Toki Pona made an appearance on the web in 2001. It is not intended to replace any existing language but it is intended to shape the thinking process of its user - much like the Saphir-Warf Hypothesis.

Comprising of only 120 words - Toki Pona is intended to have maximum expression with minimum input. Much like this Blog.