Month: September 2013

30th September 2013 / Music
29th September 2013 / Procrastination

Matt, aka, had his 40th Birthday party tonight – much fun was had. To be honest, I treated it as ‘a mate’s birthday party’ – which is what it…

26th September 2013 / Procrastination
15th September 2013 / Procrastination

After significantly damaging my liver through excessive cider last night at Smyth’s Soiree, I was not up to much today. Last night was a hoot – there were a group…

12th September 2013 / Music
11th September 2013 / News

Saturday night saw Kat and me visit our good friends Cathy and Andi. Their son is off to uni soon so it was just a flying visit. After they treated me…

2nd September 2013 / Reviews (Of Sorts)
1st September 2013 / Music