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A Harrogate Blog • Ijo Pona is a Harrogate-based adventure blog. Written by a full-time ‘funny little man’ and procrastinator, Andy, there are personal observations and a record of trying to hold the local MP, Andrew Jones, to account. To dip your toes in – see the posts below or navigate to the Archive Page. There is a bit about me HERE.

Earth Day 2018

Today, the twenty-second of April is Earth Day - something I was not that aware of until I went on to Google and saw their video promoting it. Still, it is a good excuse to go tree bathing or paddling whilst raising the global consciousness through local awareness....

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In this blog post I hope to write a bit about iPhonography. "iPhonography" is not a term I have plucked from the æther - I have seen a book written on the subject in some Yoot orientated shop when I was out my depth. "iPhonography" is not about recording sound - as...

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Letter #17

Dear Andrew Jones MP - I am writing as a concerned constituent. I am a blogger. I have the liberty to write what I want on the net. My blog is at www.ijopona.org. However, I am writing about people further up the ladder. People who I admire and respect. Fifty-three...

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Thoughts On Nocturnal Living

It is currently 02:44 - this gives me license to be as camp and as melodramatic as I want; there is nobody here to judge me. This proposed course of action may sit uneasily with me. But, hell - let's ride it out, there is nobody around to judge me after all. But what...

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New Chart Success

Me and Allan, as Guerrilla Dub System, have a new release out - called "Dubucation". I was a bit worried about how it would be received. Our last big hit "Alligator" was quite fast tempo and a bit of a banger - it was on the Space Bass EP. Dubucation is a smoker's...

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The Parish News

Here, listen to this - you may/may not dig it. Well, give it a try, what is the worst that can happen? Ear-pox? Inspiration-flu? Jazz-hemmorhoids? My mind is racing - a few things are going through my mind as I write this and listen back to the radio show to check for...

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