Will I Ever Get A Worse Hangover?

Writing this at quarter past midnight on a Monday morning – I am still feeling the effects of Saturday night. It is my own fault and I am the only person to blame – but it doesn’t half hurt. I have croaked out a few links on my radio show and it is up in the æther. Here it is… Read more →

First W/E In May 2017

Despite my attempt to start blogging “I am feeling X” I am still blogging “This is a post about.” Why is this? It seems a difficult trend to shift – changing the way that I blog is problematic: is it a desire to report? Is it how I see my blog? Is it the very backbone of current trends in… Read more →

The Future Of Anti-Depressants?

I have just returned from a family funeral – it was a great turn out and all the good and great were there along with me to pay our respects to my Granny. Whilst I was catching up with my family – I had the terrible news that my cousin (who will remain un-named so he has a veneer of… Read more →

First Attempt With My New Harinezumi Guru

Harinezumi is Japanese for ‘Hedgehog’ – it is also awesome as a camera. To be honest, the cost of film purchase and development had taken the fun out of Lomography. I was worried too much about the cost of the prints that I did not snap away as you should. However, after finding a Japanese site that claimed these cameras… Read more →

Granny B

Granny B

I am writing this late on Easter Monday’s afternoon – struggling to make sense of my emotions. The weekend got off to a hell of a bad start; on Good Friday my mum phoned to tell me that Granny had passed away peacefully, loosing her battle with Dementia. The end months were not graceful for Granny B – she was… Read more →